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Meet  Soulful Giraffe

playful and inspirational drawings by Gordana-Goga Stanković.

The  intention of the Soulful Giraffe drawings is to tickle the fun, child-like innocent part of us, and to provide a gentle inspirational reminder to live our life authentically; connected to the heart and guided by the  soul. Read more

SoulfulGiraffe_Creator of Your Own Life.
Soulful Giraffe's Latest  Adventures
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“I smile and feel lighthearted when I see this Giraffe dipping her toes or soaking in the tub.

The quotes are daily reminders to live by, perfectly matching each of the Soulful Giraffe's relaxing poses.”

Jane Powell, A fan of the Soulful Giraffe and all things whimsical

"Soulful Giraffe never fails to bring a smile to my face. It is my daily reminder to stop taking life too seriously and that humor is the spice of life."


Sanda van Dijk Grujin

"When I watch Gordana's Souful Giraffe, her huge eyes and hugging arms, I see Gordana:

  • the beautiful heart who reminds me of mine

  • the little precious girl who reminds me to encourage the little girl in me.

Thank you for the support ❤️."


Spreading Love & Awakening Consciousness Playfully  

One Soulful Giraffe At A Time 

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