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Hello to all of you Soulful Giraffe supporters and fans,

It has been a while since you've heard from us, Soulful Giraffe and me, Gordana. We took a holiday back in the summer and somehow this holiday has turned into some kind of extended sabbatical😉.

Recently, I heard someone saying that "our soul speaks in images", this resonates with me as a truth, because that is how for a year and a half my soul was speaking to me through images of Soulful Giraffe.

However, I realised that in the last month or two before "the holiday" I was creating Soulful Giraffe drawings just to keep the schedule of posting three times a week going. It was starting to feel a little bit like a burden, rather than inspiration, and joy, and fun, and play, and that is why I took a holiday from posting.

In all honesty I was thinking that it would be a break of a few weeks, but then it turned into months. I have just not had either a desire or drive to be posting on schedule.

From the beginning of the Soulful Giraffe's existence she has been a fun expression of my soul and a desire for pure, honest and playful inspiration and this is how I want to keep it.

Nevertheless, I wanted to use this time of the year to reconnect. I have a need to show up honestly and to share with you what has been happening with the Giraffe and me. I do not know, at this moment, whether or when I'll start to draw and share Soulful Giraffe drawings on a regular basis again. For now, Soulful Giraffe will appear as and when I am inspired to create and not on schedule. She's always alive in me even when not drawing or posting.

I also wanted to share with all of you season's greeting and to send to you the best wishes for the holidays.

I hope you'll create some time for yourself, reflect on this unusual year, to say the least, enjoy some festive food (a mince pie😉 ) and company of those you can physically be with and

🎶" Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Let your heart beat light🎵

Next year all of our troubles 🎶

Will be out of sight."🎵 (Hopefully)

Stay healthy, loving, joyous and true to yourself.

With love and peace

Gordana♥️ and Soulful Giraffe 🦒

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Recharge your batteries regularly ♥️

Such a simple advice. We all know it and yet, so often, many of us wait until the moment when we are completely flat out, without any more juice left, dead inside.

I wish to share with you that at the moment I am not yet flat out, but I am hearing messages from my soul that it needs some charging. I have, therefore, decided to take a few weeks off to inspire and charge my own soul, so that I can continue to be authentic, inspirational and soul-full soul behind Soulful Giraffe.

Today's Giraffe is the last post before I start with my 'recharging holiday.'

Giraffe and I will see you in a few weeks time. In the meantime look after your gentle hearts and tender souls. Recharge them regularly.

Love and peace to all.


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