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Recharge Your Batteries Regularly ♥️

Recharge your batteries regularly ♥️

Such a simple advice. We all know it and yet, so often, many of us wait until the moment when we are completely flat out, without any more juice left, dead inside.

I wish to share with you that at the moment I am not yet flat out, but I am hearing messages from my soul that it needs some charging. I have, therefore, decided to take a few weeks off to inspire and charge my own soul, so that I can continue to be authentic, inspirational and soul-full soul behind Soulful Giraffe.

Today's Giraffe is the last post before I start with my 'recharging holiday.'

Giraffe and I will see you in a few weeks time. In the meantime look after your gentle hearts and tender souls. Recharge them regularly.

Love and peace to all.


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Soulful Giraffe
Soulful Giraffe
Jul 04, 2020

Thank you Muriel. I love Lyons-la-forêt. I have a picture of that beautiful old market place in my head and lots of flowers. Enjoy❣️


Happy and restful holidays, beautiful and soulful giraffe and Gordana. Sending love and hugs from Lyons-la-forêt, Normandy where I spend a few necessary relaxing days. Muriel


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