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About Goga & Soulful Giraffe

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Gordana-Goga Stanković
Soulful Giraffe Creator

I am a soul that gives the heart and soul to the Soulful Giraffe, playful and inspirational drawings.

The  intention of the Soulful Giraffe drawings is to tickle the fun, child-like innocent part of us, and to provide a gentle inspirational reminder to live our life authentically; connected to the heart and guided by the  soul.

An idea of and the name Soulful Giraffe came to  me as an inspiration while journaling  following a meditation on love that I did at the beginning of 2019. It took another month and a half and my following an online Mindful Drawing course before  Soulful Giraffe started appearing on the paper and letting her message  be expressed through short inspirational quotes.

Why Giraffe? Giraffe has the largest heart of all land animals (approx 25 pounds or 11 kilograms) and because of that was chosen by Marshall B. Rosenberg, the developer of Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication (NVC) to represent the language of the heart which we speak and hear when we are connected to our compassionate nature. NVC has fundamentally changed my life and  it has been a catalyst for the  development  of my spiritual practice and journey of awakening.  I have, therefore, continued using the  giraffe  as a symbol for a big heart and as a way of paying  homage to NVC and Marshall Rosenberg. And soulful in the Soulful Giraffe comes from me. For me the Soul is is the residing place of joy, grace, truth, authenticity, innocence, playfulness, belly laughter, it is the essence of our loving and compassionate nature and the source of all creation and creativity. When an inspiration of a new Soulful Giraffe appears in me I feel excited, joyful and aligned and when I start to draw I lose myself in the moment. I allow inspiration to lead creativity playfully wherever it needs to go to express itself in that  moment.  I truly hope that the Soulful Giraffe drawings and quotes will awaken some, or all of the soul qualities in all those who receive them in a similar way to how they are alive in me when I am creating them.

Soulful Giraffe is just a more playful extension of my other passion in life: supporting people in their journey to living an authentic and wholehearted life. When I am not immersed in bringing Soulful Giraffe to life on the paper I run my own counselling and life coaching practice Living Peacefully

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Spreading Love & Awakening Consciousness Playfully  

One Soulful Giraffe At A Time 

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