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Happy 1st Birthday🎈

Happy 1st Birthday to the Soulful Giraffe❣️

Today, it is exactly one year since the Soulful Giraffe website and the first inspirational drawing were shared publicly

with the world.

To celebrate I would love to hear from you, in the comments, whether you have a favourite Soulful Giraffe drawing and inspiration, or maybe one that 'found' you exactly at the time when you needed it.

Giraffe and I wish to thank you for following and encouraging us with your comments during this first exciting year.

Love to all,


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Happy Birthday Soulful Giraffe! Thank you so much for visiting us 3 times a week. It's difficult to choose among the drawings: I would like to review all of them before. One anyhow is in my mind right now "Savour life with gusto" with the watermelon that your grandfather used to grow and pick with art. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Muriel


Spreading Love & Awakening Consciousness Playfully  

One Soulful Giraffe At A Time 

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