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"Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly"💖

"Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly"💖 ~ Marshall Rosenberg

Many people when they first hear the above quote of Marshall Rosenberg pull a face in a kind of "what?!" expression or even cringe with unease. What is Marshall advocating with this quote above? Mediocrity? No, for sure not.

The way I understand and live by this quote is, that if something is important to me, if I am really passionate about something, then I need to try do it, not wait for the perfect moment, or the moment when I have 'perfected the art' and I believe I'd be able to do it without a mistake. Do not measure yourself against some impossible, non-existent, culturally conditioned idea of 'perfection', it does not exist.

Personally, the above quote of Marshall Rosenberg has helped me to connect much more to my authentic self. It freed me to explore my own creativity and to share it with others the way it is, sometimes splodgy, sometimes messy, sometimes even misquoted (notice above use of 'everything' on the drawing and 'anything' in the title😉, as is in the original quote of Marshall Rosenberg), but always an honest expression of me and of what makes me feel alive in this very moment.

If you have something inside of you that you are passionate about, that makes you feel alive, and that you believe others can benefit from go ahead and share it now. And remember that our true beauty and uniqueness lie in our so called 'imperfections'.

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