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Be Mindful with Your Use of Technology❣️

Be Mindful with Your Use of Technology❣️

How mindful are you with your use of technology and the time spent on social media? I must admit that sometimes I 'slip out' of mindfulness and before I know it I've been scrolling through the posts on one of the various social media sites for more than an hour without realising that so much time has passed. Another trend I have noticed is that my attention span has been affected especially by the use of smart phone and the instant messaging.

Don't take me wrong I love all the possibilities, freedom and potential that modern technology and social media offer us and at the same time I am, as stated above, very aware that it can be addictive, destructive and highly unproductive, if we do not use it mindfully, intentionally and with responsibility and awareness.

I hope that this playful Soulful Giraffe illustration will provide a light reminder for many you to use all the technology with mindfulness and intention rather than you becoming a 'slave' to technology allowing it to use and control you.

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