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Daily Emotional Nutrients❤️

Daily Emotional Nutrients❤️

On a daily basis we are bombarded with negative messages, messages of danger and scarcity, which mostly move ous out of alignment with our heart into fear, and away from love that we, in our essence, are. And if that was not enough, most of us have also along the way of our life picked up messages that we are not enough, that we are just average and that we need to 'deserve' our worthiness. None of this is true. In our essence we are love, we are all worthy, unique, precious beings who matter and whose needs are important. Still given the conditioning most of us have been given it is of paramount importance that we take time to nurture ourselves emotionally on a daily basis by reminding ourselves that:

I am enough

I am worthy.

I am unique

I matter.

My needs are precious.

I am love and I am loving.

It is so important that we take a few minutes to sit quietly nurturing our soul with self-loving and self-affirming messages and grounding ourselves in the energy of love.

In order to support myself and clients I coach in this process of grounding ourselves in love I have created a short five minute meditation

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