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Friendship is receiving each other with open arms and hearts💕

Frirndships have always been an extremely important and integral part of my life.

This covid-19 world pandemic has just highlighted for me the importance of my friends and my gratitude for connections between us, and care and love we give each other. I am so grateful for laughter and joy, as well as worries, sadness, loss and grieving that I am able to share with these beautiful people I call friends. Through these sharings and connections we touch the depth of shared humanity in each other.

In order to celebrate friendships I have created a mini series of friendship inspired Soulful Giraffe drawings that I wish to share in the days to come.

I encourage all of you to get in touch with your friends, share your gratitude with them and celebrate your friendship.

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Soulful Giraffe
Soulful Giraffe
Apr 13, 2020

Thank you Muriel for this beautiful words by Alan Waltfelt, they resonate with me very much. Sending you love, Gordana💕


Thank you Gordana. I thank life for giving me the opportunity to meet you. I thank you for being a companion during an intense workshop in Germany and all along my path. I share hereunder words by Alan Woltfelt that resonate for me with friendship. I'm looking forward to receiving your beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring drawings and words on the subject. I hope these words by A W. inspire you.

"Companioning is about honoring the spirit;

Companioning is about curiosity;

Companioning is about learning from others;

Companioning is about walking alongside;

Companioning is about being still;

Companioning is about discovering the gifts of sacred silence;

Companioning is about listening with the heart;

Companioning is about bearing witness to the struggles of…


Spreading Love & Awakening Consciousness Playfully  

One Soulful Giraffe At A Time 

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