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In Memory of Marshall B. Rosenberg ❤️

"A jackal is just a giraffe with a language problem." - Marshall Rosenberg

Today marks five years since Marshall Rosenberg's death. Marshall has been one of the most influential and beloved teachers of mine. He was a creator of Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication, which has fundamentally changed my life and  has also been a catalyst for the development of my spiritual practice and journey of awakening. Marshall found a playful way of teaching NVC by using puppets of giraffe and jackal. He used the giraffe as a symbol/metaphor for the language of the heart that we speak and hear when we are connected to our compassionate nature. He used a jackal to represent the language we speak and hear when we are disconnected from our hearts such as judgements, blame, criticisms, demands, etc. And for those of you who are familiar with the Soulful Giraffe's story you know that I have continued using the  giraffe  as a symbol for a big heart and as a way of paying  homage to NVC and Marshall Rosenberg. Marshall's physical body departed from this plane of life but his legacy is carrying on and I hope that one day we will have a world that Marshall dreamed of where we share "compassion and flow between us that is based on mutual giving from the heart."

In the meantime the Soulful Giraffe will continue its mission of "spreading love & awakening consciousness playfully one Soulful Giraffe at a time." 

Marshall B. Rosenberg, 1934 - 2015
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1 Comment

Thank you Gordana for "spreading love & awakening consciousness playfully one Soulful Giraffe at a time". Hugs, Muriel


Spreading Love & Awakening Consciousness Playfully  

One Soulful Giraffe At A Time 

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