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Let Your Creativity Awaken All Your Senses❤️

Let Your Creativity Awaken All Your Senses❤️

Where I am in life now, I believe, even more know deeply from within me, that we are all born creative. At the same time, I know from my own life and example, as well as, clients I work with and many friends that majority of us believe that we are not creative. There is no such thing as not-creative people, but there are people who do not use their creativity. We do not use our creativity because at some point in our life, mostly around the time we have started being socialised in schools and other institutions, most of us began comparing ourselves to other people or some imposed, very limited standards of what creativity is, or how should a creation and a creative person look like. This kind of comparison and attempts to fit into certain molds act like straight jacket for creativity and they remove us from our senses and from the joy we experience when creating - the joy of life.

So this weekend let your creativity flow in whichever way it needs to come out be it drawing, doodling, cooking, baking, painting, knitting, taking photos, collaging, making pottery, dancing, inventing things that may or may not be 'useful', write, sing, whatever it may be that is or would bring you joy if no one were watching and if you were not scared of your or someone else's judgement. Let yourself be loose, create and be free.

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