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Soulful Giraffe
Soulful Giraffe
May 13, 2020

Thank you for this little journey into meaning. As that beautiful poem by Ruth Bebermayer says "Words are windows or they are walls..." And this morning it seems they are windows for you savour it❣️


Hi Gordana, I wanted to share something with you about your drawing. "Gusto" sounds like the french word "Goût" whose translation is "Taste" in English. And of course, as you illustrated with a watermelon, it intensifies the meaning I gave to "Gusto". But I looked up the word "Gusto" in the dictionnary, and I found that it means "Enthusiasm". Isn't that beautiful? And I love how "Watermelon" has the word "Water" in it (source of life) but with colour (red) and taste (melon). "Melon" itself comes from "apple" and "gourd" :-). How beautiful! I wonder what the etymology/origin of the french word for "Watermelon" is. We say "Pastèque". I found that is comes from an arab word. I will seach…


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