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You Are Never too Old to Play❣️

You are never too old too play❣️

And not only are you never too old too play, but play actually helps to keep you young and energetic for longer.

Various studies have shown that play releases endorphins, improves brain functionality as well as memory, and it stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. With all these benefits of play being stated the only thing you can do is allow more play to enter your everyday lives. Especially if you are a stereotypical hard working adult who takes life very seriously with 'no time to waste', then t is, actually, essential that you create time to play, just for fun.

The only 'side effects' that you might 'suffer' from as a consequence of an increased level of play in your life would be a reduction in your stress levels and ability to deal with stress better, increase in creativity, and you might even start to laugh much more (which has its own health benefits). Hence, go play today❣️

P.S. This is an especially important reminder on a Monday morning when majority of us tend to start a busy working week full of obligations, deadlines, schedules and to-do-lists.

P.S.2 By the way, play is not just another item on your to-do-list, rather, even when it is an activity it is at the same time a certain state of mind and being.

To learn more about the importance of play and different types of play practices you can consult the work of Stuart Brown MD, who has been studying play for decades, for his short discussion of play go to his TED Talk ''Play is more than fun''.

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